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Francis Gray

Tribal Chair, Piscataway Conoy Tribe

Francis Gray, Tribal Chair is the eldest son of Charles and Regina Gray (Bear Clan Mother). Francis is a graduate from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering as a Mechanical Engineer. Francis is a lifelong Sequoya member of the American Indian Science and Engineer Society (AISES) and currently works for the US Patent and TradeMark Office protecting and supporting Intellectual Property. Francis has served on the Piscataway Conoy Tribal council since 2012 which is the duly elected official governing body of the tribe and is currently serving as the Tribal Chair. Francis has been working diligently to build a solid and sustainable cultural foundation on which to build tribal heritage for future generations. Its duties are to oversee, create, and administer programs for Piscataway Conoy people. To foster good will and relations with local, State and Federal government and their agencies as well as other Native Tribal entities. As the Tribal Chair, Francis envisions the tribe to have a foundation that is culturally resilient and will make it a top priority for the betterment of his tribe. Francis’ primary focus will be to address the posterity of the tribe and to be an instrumental part of developing a cohesive governing structure for our tribe’s present and future.

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